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serving north carolina since 1989

Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant is the realization of Jesus and Maria Ruiz’s dream. Jesus and Maria were born in small towns in Mexico. Jesus showed his entrepreneur spirit early in life when at the age of ten he could be seen around town selling oranges from the family grove. Young and restless, Jesus came to California and worked for several years in a factory, returning to Mexico in 1985. Jesus and Maria married and moved to Atlanta, GA with the dream of someday having their own business in the United States. In Atlanta they worked in a Mexican restaurant and learned the many aspects of the restaurant business. They waited for the right time and the opportunity came in 1989 when Jesus and Maria heard about Winston-Salem, NC. Jesus, feeling confident and capable decided to “go for it.” Jesus and Maria risked their savings and with unshakable faith in themselves, in their knowledge about the business, and willingness to work hard and long, opened the first Mi Pueblo Mexican restaurant on Oakwood Drive in Winston-Salem.